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Desert Biologicals at the 2011 AACC Clinical Lab Expo

The 2011 AACC Clinical Lab Expo is upon us. This year the expo will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Desert Biologicals will be exhibiting at the Expo from Tuesday July 26th through Thursday July 28th.

Our booth number is #3710. You can follow along and see pics on our Twitter, Facebook & Four Square social media accounts. Hope to see you there!


We will raise these little ones as our o

We will raise these little ones as our own 🙂 http://ow.ly/i/cLDz

Desert Biologicals R & D Division & Karlan Research

This is a blog post nine months in the making. Also known as a long over due topic for the official Desert Bio Blog. In August 2010, Desert Biologicals took over sales and marketing duties for a fellow Arizona Cooperation called Karlan Research. This partnership added over 100 new products to the Desert Biologicals product line, a brand we have affectionately dubbed “Desert Biologicals R & D Division Products”.

More information about this agreement per Karlan Research’s website.

KARLAN RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORPORATION, an Arizona Corporation, and DESERT BIOLOGICALS, an Arizona Corporation, have reached an agreement whereby DESERT BIOLOGICALS will be in charge of the internet sales and marketing activities of the current KARLAN product line, covering:

* Antibodies
* Antibodies to ECM Proteins
* Assay Kits
* Biochemicals & Reagents
* Enzymes
* Insulin Products
* Molecular Biology
* Nescofilm
* Silicone Stoppers

With their specialties in Bovine Albumins, Bovine Proteins and Pancreatic Proteins for the manufacturing and research communities, DESERT BIOLOGICALS is a key link in our future growth.

Customer Service activities for these products will now be available through the DESERT BIOLOGICALS Phoenix, Arizona office.

It would be a understatement to say that the past nine months have been both a valuable learning experience and a bumpy ride that is becoming more stable by the day.

Information about Desert Biological’s R & D division including: enzymes, antibodies, & biochemicals can be found exclusively at www.karlan.com . The Desert Bio website is still your home for all our past products, with a emphasis on Bovine.

Sesame Street teaches the Scientific Method

When the gang from Sesame Street talks science, we listen

Bovine Serum Albumin and its many uses

Author Cornelius Griffin makes a case for the many particular uses of our favorite Desert Biologicals product, Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA). BSA is mostly used for scientific and medical research, but this great little article sheds some light on even more applications for BSA.

Check it out below

Bovine serum albumin is often used in cell generation, regenerating plants from cultured guard cells. This helps to enhance the production by feeding the cell a healthy amount of protein. BSA pumps protein into the cell, leading to faster growth and improved healing.

A cheap byproduct, bovine serum albumin is also common in many dietary supplements, meat ingredients, and dairy products. BSA is turned into whey that can be used for a pastry, a dipping sauce, a pound cake or a chocolate brownie. Bovine serum albumin can be a cheap whey additive for pizza crust, biscuits and even


Rest of the story here

What is Bovine Serum Albumin?

At Desert Biologicals we love cows.  They are big, cute looking and happen to be the source of our number one product Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA). What is BSA?

Found this great blog post from over the weekend explaining in easy to read detail, what exactly BSA is and all the wonderful applications it can be used for.

Courtesy of our friends at goatelecom


“Bovine serum albumin, also referred to as “BSA,” is a serum albumin protein that has multiple biochemical applications. To start with, let’s look at where BSA comes from. BSA can be produced through a purification of bovine, or cow, blood. Due to the size of the cattle industry, bovine blood is a readily available resource.”

“Now what are some of the applications of or uses for bovine serum albumin? BSA is often used in cell culture media. Cell culture media is a growth medium or culture medium typically in the form of a gel or liquid that is used to support the growth of microorganisms. When trying to grow animal cells outside of the body, serum proteins are required in order to facilitate that growth. Bovine serum albumin is well known for its high stability, which makes it an ideal component. BSA also is used in “restriction digest,” which is a process in molecular biology that prepares DNA for analysis and processing.”


Full story here

Our Website

Our Website

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Video post – Science in society debate

Interesting debate and “art” short film  courtesy of Cecilia Rosen

Healthcare reform bill and the stock market

Should a interesting week in the nation’s capital, Blog Biotech breaks it down here

Healthcare and biotech stocks were up today as expected following passage of the historic reform bill. Although there is a considerable amount of work to be done in enabling the historic legislation, uncertainty has been removed and the market can play it out. Many analysts and economists previously have forecasted upside potential for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and hospital management companies due to the addition of 32 million Americans to the insurance rolls. John Sullivan of Leerink Swann in today’s Healthcare Strategy Report said that the healthcare sector is undervalued relative to the rest of the market and that the sector will outperform.

What will be the short and long term affects will health care reform have on the Biotechnology industry? A question to think about for you big or small health/ pharmaceutical companies.

Welcome to WordPress Desert Biologicals

Happy Friday. Seems Like a good day to start our Word Press blog